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Type of Photo which Can be added to Name Plate


Toon Avatars are Random cartoon of Girl, Boy and Kids (Family Members). People who dont Want to Show there face in the front of house for Safety and Security Reasons, then Toon Avatar is the best choose for those People. These cartoon will be totally Random and will not resemble your Photo.

Your Picture Design - Here we will add your Original Photo on the name plate. If you favourite picture and want to see it as the first thing while entering the House, then these will the Best Choice for You. Please note here we will add your photo as it is with just little editing for colour saturation so that it looks good on name plate.

Caricature Design - In this we will create Cartoon photo of  Boy, Girl and Kids which will look like you. So if you want someting different and funny then go for Caricature. We will need your face photo and you can select Body of cartoon from our catalogue.

Designer Name Plate for Home. Made with the Best Acrylic Material. The Name Plate Design is Elegant, Glossy, Impressinve This Name Plate is Waterproof & Weatherproof for very long time.







Toughened Glass (Acrylic)

Life Long

No Maintenance(Weatherproof)


On wall / Door

Order Process

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Place Order

Share details on 9699636217

Receive design for confirmation

We will send it for printing

Shipped and Delivered

What's in the BOX

1 Name Plate, 1 Free Welcome Board - 4 Screws and Knobs to install Name plate

Installation Process

Name plate comes with holes in it.

We will provide screws and knobs to cover for Wall and Door both.

You just have to drill where you want to place it.

Based on 191 Google reviews
I had a great overall experience...i wanted a customised nameplate since a long time and while scrolling Insta i came across Rishail Artoholic, i was nt very confident but thought of trying it and so sent dm on insta and got very prompt response from them design was completely customised which was nt available in their website but they said we will do it and the first cut of design came out so well, very patiently they made few changes which I mentioned and the final design was so beautiful but i was still nt confident if the final product will look same, but they assured me the final product will look much better than this. I got my final product withing 3 days after giving final approval on design and i m just in love with looks so very beautiful can't get over it. It has now become and attraction. People are coming just to see it....thank you so much Rishail Artoholic for such a beautiful product my search for nameplate has now come to an end 🙏😀
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Toon Avatar with Pet
Toon Avatar Couples
  • Can Name Plate be used outdoors?
    Yes. It is 100% made for outside only. It is weatherproof and waterproof. Print will remain as it is for years.
  • What if Name Plate gets damaged in Transit?
    Firstly it is made on toughened glass which need a very huge force to break it so it is unbreakable. Still if it gets damaged in transit we replace it free of cost.
  • How do we install a Name Plate?
    Name plate comes with holes in it. We will provide screws and knobs to cover for Wall and Door both. You just have to drill where you want to place it.
  • How do we trust your company?
    We are in this field from last 4 years. you can verify that by checking our instagram page our 1st post is of 2019, also we put daily reels and post on insta with our office photo, our photo and working photos. So we wont be able to run anywhere. INSTAGRAM Profile You can check our Google Profile also we have all the details on it. GOOGLE Profile
  • What are the common sizes for nameplates?
    Nameplates come in various sizes, but the most common dimensions are typically around 12x8 inches if you put it on door or 18x12 inches if you put it on the side wall near door.
  • What it the material of Name Plate?
    Name plate is made of Acrylic material(looks like glass but unbreakable). It has Glossy Finish. Name Plate is 8 mm thick. Our Name Plate are weatherproof - washable - long life, once you install it, it will remain same for years.
  • Can I order a nameplate in a language other than English?
    Yes, nameplates can be customized with text in various languages. While ordering, provide the desired text in the language you prefer.
  • What information should be included on a nameplate?
    Most of the people nowadays put names of all Family Member with Surname and Flat/Bungalow number. You can also put some symbol of God or one line like Our Happy Place.
  • How can I clean and maintain my nameplate to keep it looking good?
    Our Name plates are 100% non maintenance product. Still if you want to clean it use water and cloth or any other thing suitable nothing will happen to it.
  • Can I order nameplates online?
    Yes you can. 1- Select design and Size. 2- Place order. 3- share details on 9699636217. 4- you will receive design for confirmation, confirm the design. 5 - It will sent for printing. 6 - Shipped and delivery.
  • What is the Delivery timer for nameplate?
    Standard time for delivery is 7 to 10 day, in express we can deliver in 2 to 5 days(express charges will be applicable).
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