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MV4PC 0048 - Mobile Invitation Video

4 page Mobile Invitation Video with couple caricature for whatsapp / insta / facebook / whatsapp status & social media forwards.

How to place order for mobile invitation, Process and description for digital invitation

24 Hrs Delivery

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Content of the Invitation Card





  • 1st Party & 2nd Party ?

Whoever is Host of the Invitation, shall be the 1st Party & the other side will be the 2nd Party. So, if this Invitation is from the Bride's Family - Bride & Bride's Parents Names shall be in the 1st Party column that will be specified first & thus, Groom & Groom's Parents Names shall be in the 2nd Party column & will be specified after. This makes it easier for the receiver of the Invitation to understand that whose side is this Invitation coming from.

  • With Best Compliments From ?

Generally, Names of Elders of the Host Family are specified in the "With Best Compliments from" column. It could be either Parents or Grand Parents or other elders in the Family of the Bride / Groom. Event Surname / Family Name can be specified in this coloumn. The purpose of the "With Best Compliments From" section is that the receiver of the Invitation identifies from whom the Invitation has been received.

  • RSVP ?

RSVP is the section where your guests can give you confirmation of their arrival. That way it becomes easier for the host to make arrangements for the event. So, whoever is managing the guest list of the Function their name & contact details shall be mentioned in this column.

  • Functions ?

Function Title could be HALDI , MEHENDI , SANGEET , ENGAGEMENT , SAGAN , JAGGO , PHERE , NIKAH , BIDAI , BARAAT , RECEPTION , etc. Below the title shall be the details of that Function - Date, Time & Venue. This helps your guests to be prepared for the functions accordingly.

  • Other Details ?

This section could hold the specific requirement that your individual Invitation might require. Any specific God Image or some Shloka or some Religious sign that may be important for you/your family. You can specify that in this section. Our designs generally has these details but can be altered as per your specific requirement.

Please Note

In the design chosen by you, only the Content will be altered as per the form filled by you while placing the order. NO CHANGES can be done in the FORMAT , FONTS , COLOURS , DESIGN , BACKGROUND , SONG , TIMIMGS , VISUALS , ANIMATION , IMAGES of the design chosen by you. To get Kustomised Video Invitation, please click on "KUSTOMISE DESIGN" button below.

Here are the Premium Designs of KUSTOMISABLE Video Invitation for all kinds of occasion.

Here you can get Bride & Groom Caricatures , any Song of your Choice & can change the Timing of the Slides & can add some Addditional Information to the Video that too in any language you prefer.

Invitation Form - fill your details here

1st Party Details

[Bride/Groom - Birthday Boy/Girl - Baby Shower for - 

Annaprashan Boy/Girl - House of (for Housewarming)]

1st Party PHOTO
2nd Party Details

[Bride/Groom  - Husband (Baby Shower)

Please keep it blank (.) for Birthday - Annaprashan - Housewarming]

2nd Party PHOTO
Function 1 Details
Function 2 Details
Function 3 Details
Function 4 Details
Function 5 Details
With Best Compliments From
Other Details
Your Details
Choose Your Option
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