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If you are the one who wants their Invitation to be like Never Seen Before

You are at a RIGHT Place!


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Lux Invitation



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Since 2019, Rishail Artoholic has provided quality services to all our clients by providing them with the professional care they deserve & we sincerely to stick to it. Our Invitation Cards are Custom made to match your needs & that is our expertise! So, get your Dream Wedding started with ordering the BEST INVITATION card, made just for you!

WHY Transparent.?


Being a popular choice in a lots of Western countries & a desirable choice of every Indian Bride & Groom who want their invites to be Classy & elegant, Rishail Artoholic has brought this supremely attractive Transparent Invitation Cards or Acrylic Wedding Invitaton cards to India through InvitEasy to make our GRAND INDIAN Weddings even more GRAND even before it Starts!! So, don't miss a chance to grab the most admirable Wedding Invitation Cards made JUST FOR YOU.! Available only @ Rishail's InvitEasy.

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What to Include on Your Wedding Invitation.??

All wedding invitations should include the following elements:

  • Who's hosting

  • The request to come to the wedding

  • The names of the couple

  • The date and time

  • The location

  • Reception information

  • Dress code

  • Separate RSVP card

NAME Family Invites You!

The Honour of your presence

is requested at the Marriage of


Last Name


Last Name