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Variety of Wedding INVITATION Cards

Updated: May 10, 2022

Variety of Wedding Invitation Cards are available in the market & Online. Just choose the Design, share the matter & its taken care for you! There are huge variety available Online, not to mention, it Saves a lot of your Time & help you with the Wedding Responsibilities even in your Busy Schedule. Also it provides you with the Best Invitation cards & sometimes the Invitation Card that you always dreamt of or the one that you have Saved it while surfing Pinterest!

Here are some details you can keep in mind while deciding onto the content of your Wedding Invitation Cards based on Weddings of different different Religions.


Hindu weddings tend to be large, vibrant, celebrations. Very traditional weddings may have many events spread out over several days. Include Enclosure Cards to invite guests to your additional wedding events.

Traditionally, RSVP cards are seen and not needed and therefore omitted. However many modern couples are choosing to include them, or have guest’s RSVP via a website.

Hindu invitation cards tend to be vibrant in theme.


Islamic weddings have two separate occasions: the Nikaah and the Walima. The Nikaah is the event when the couple exchanges vows. The Walima is the wedding reception. Different invitations are sent for each event.

Often the wording "In the name of Allah the most beneficent and the most merciful" is placed at the top of the invitation.


Catholic weddings with a full mass can be long events. When possible, indicate that a mass will take place on your invitation so your guests can prepare.

To do so, use the wording "nuptial mass" or "holy matrimony." You may also add the words "catholic church" after the name of your parish.

If your reception is a separate event, include a reception card with event details.


Love crosses all boundaries and breaks all barriers. When planning an interfaith ceremony, you may want to plan with special care so that all guests know what to expect.

If planning a secular ceremony, there is no need to let guests know on your invitation.

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